Tavistock Company of Archers training courses are supported by Sport England and The National Lottery.

Tavistock company of archers beginners courses are held throughout the year, we try to get a minimum of 2 and at most 3 courses completed each year.  The course lasts for 6 weeks and is held at Hazledon House, (The Former Kelly Prep School) Parkwood Road, Tavistock, PL19 0JS. The cost of the course includes, insurance, loan of all necessary equipment and expert tuition by NVQ qualified NFAS Coaches. Fully CRB/DBS Checked.

The courses are normally run on a Sunday morning and last for 3 hours at a time, at a cost of £80. (That is just £4.44 per hour for fun, equipment provided, and expert tuition).
All new archers must complete all 6 sessions and pass a final test of competence and safety to gain their certificate.

We encourage and welcome new archers from 9 to 90 or who may be physically disabled or have other disabilities or those of you who might be senior in years. If you are under the age of 16, then you will need to be accompanied at all times to the club by a parent or legal guardian.

The course covers all aspects of field archery and target archery. We supply all the equipment, so you don’t need to have anything apart from reasonable outdoor clothes and enthusiasm to learn the correct way to shoot a bow safely when out on a field shoot with your fellow archers.

After a safety introduction by your coaches, you will be set up with your bow, quiver, finger tab, arrows and arm guard. Starting at short distances you will learn the correct procedures and style of shooting. Through expert coaching and practice we will soon have you moving farther away from the targets as your aim and your shooting technique improves, you will also learn about archery etiquette.

You will meet members of the club who shoot different types of bows. They will tell you all about them and even demonstrate for you how they work etc.

Remember Field Archery is more than just shooting arrows, we all help to set courses, we all help out at open shoots and other club run events, but the main thing is that we all enjoy ourselves.

We can then advise you about getting your own equipment, which shops are best and which ones to avoid. After a period of time you will be reviewed by one of the coaches to see how you are progressing. All members are usually willing to help and advise. 

Please remember that hunting with a bow and arrow is illegal in the UK. T.C.A. can neither support nor condone any use of archery for hunting.

Archers should also remember that arrows should not be left uncovered when travelling to or from a  shoot.


Tavistock Company of Archers are running their next beginner’s course, over six Sunday mornings commencing Sunday 18th August 2024
If interested please call the club secretary on – 01822-870357
Or Download the application form TCA-Archery-Beginers-Course-Form-2024-April