Salut, Chin-Chin and Merci to Our Very good friends in Pontivy

Today we had a joint “House-Warming” party at Rob and Jose’s new house and an Archery Club social where we consumed the wine given to us by our friends from Les Archers de Pontivy at out Twinning/Jumelage.
So it is a big “Cheers”, “Salut” to our Friends as well as to Absent Friends – those who have left us in the past year.

TCA-Xmas-Fun Shoot 2018

Games, Mince Pies, hilarity – all at the Club Christmas fun shoot.
Xmas target, Darts, Noughts and Crosses, Shoot the Apple, and the every popular balloon pop.
Colin does a “Robin Hood” while doing a “William Tell”
Sally scores a perfect Treble-20, Double-20, Bull at Darts.
Sam wins the prize for the most decorated bow – ever.
(And the first person in history to have to trim tinsel to see through his sight!!)

CLUB A.G.M. 2018

At the AGM on 22nd June the Following were elected to the committee
Chairman – Sam Ball (
Secretary – Mike Burke (
Treasurer – Rob Kenyon (
Additional members are:
Andrea Morris
Jose Kenyon
Ralph Porteus
Sally Cammann
Simon Platten
Tim Miller

Annita Bales

It is with great sadness that we have learned that Annita Bales has lost her battle with cancer. She died on Sunday night 22nd October 2017 at St Lukes Hospice with her family around her.
Annita together with her husband Peter have been enthusiastic members of Tavistock Company of Archers for a little over twenty years.

She brought joy to us all. She will be greatly missed.
Our condolences go out to  Peter and their son David. 

T.C.A. Family Fun Day – September 2017

Well done to all you chaps and chapesses for an excellent time at the T.C.A.  Family Fun Day Shoot.

We had a 10 target 3D course in the morning, ably set by committee member Ralph.

After a lovely spread of food at the bring-and-share lunch  -(Yum-yum)

We had a series of games in the afternoon including:

  1. Archery Darts
  2. Archery poker
  3. Archery Noughts and crosses (tic-tac-toe)
  4. Divided quarters-random scoring
  5. The Cheescake challenge
  6. The death of a hundred balloons

The day is what you made of it. And you guys mucked it and made it a great day. Lots of fun. Well done all.

Medieval Field Shoot – Poltimore House 2 Jul 17

Early on Sunday morning Friar Mike, Josh Hood, Little Harry and Sire Donald set forth for the Medieval Field Shoot at Poltimore House, Near Exeter.  Ok, well we all went in fancy dress as it saved a few groats on the entry fee (although we spent far more than that on the costumes).  As with all shoots there was a friendly relaxed atmosphere and everyone was impressed with the shields hanging from the rafters of the chapel; every single person taking part had their coat of arms on one of the shields.  This was an amazing idea and well done to the organisers who went to the effort of doing this.

it was a great day and that it was fun to take part, with a well thought out, interesting course and thanks to the organisers for making it such a great day.
























































































Mike won a Yew wood stave in the auction. The basis of a bow and some arrows, yet to be made.